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Welcome to Giroux Bros. Martial Arts online!  We invite you to explore our site and blog and learn what our programs can do for you or your child.  The benefits that Martial Arts can provide for people of all ages are truly amazing.  The study of the Martial Arts is one of the few activities that helps develop both the body and the mind.

Our goal at Giroux Bros. Martial Arts is to provide a fun and safe environment for all of our students.  Training at our studio provides an individual, both children and adults, with the ability to focus and concentrate on achieving goals within the program while at the same time meeting life’s challenges with total confidence and perseverance.

Start today learning Chuck Norris’ style of karate called Chun Kuk Do.  Although we can’t promise we’ll turn you in to a famous movie star, we can promise that studying at our studio will change your life forever.

Call Owner/Head Instructor Steve Giroux at 617-641-2992 or email at steve@girouxbrosmartialarts.com TODAY for a FREE trial lesson!


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